Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Life springs forth

Clicked this picture at a creek by the library. The fresh leaves of early spring on the tree reflected the sunlight beautifully.

And here is my attempt to paint it.

Rose in day light

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunset from my window

This is the view of Preston Road from my window.Very excited about this painting as I clicked the pic myself and then painted it. Is it a big achievement for me. Feel good about sun and all the twilight effect. And also about the little lights on the road and in the buildings at the horizon. I also feel I have got better in getting the pespective and the depth of the picture. The only thing which hasnt come out well is the dark part at the bottom it looks a bit odd. Also the pigment looks very grainy here. At the bottom I have attached the original snap too.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sun flowers

No comparison to Van Gogh's sunflowers, but so far this is my favorite. I love the combination of warm pastel colors in this painting. I learnt the usage of the colors of the same family like green, blue and purple to give a variation to the green background. Also, I figured out how to draw shadows depending on light source and the focal point of the light. 

Sun Flowers

Venetian Dusk

I had to go that for day the painting class and I had not done my home work :) So I picked up an easy painting from the book "The essence of wercolor" by Hazel Soan. 
I was very happy with the sky it came out very good. I could finally get the Sun right. All these days I tried to make the Sun by painting it yellow but I realized that not painting anything on the spot makes sunniest Sun.

Venetian Dusk

Mixed media

In this painting, I learnt how to use sketch pens and crayons in watercolor paintings to give certain effects. In the background, I had made some swirly patterns (not very clear) with crayons, and when I did a color wash on it those patterns appeared. I also used some sketch pens to give a vague definition to the objects, which merged gracefully with the watercolor. This gave a nice definition to the objects without being dominating.

I crossed a big milestone in this work - I painted the flowers by looking at actual flowers and not by imitating a 2D image. And that is one of my goals - to look at a 3D view/object and convert it into a 2D painting. This was a small achievement.... but very fulfilling.


Second class

I loved the sky in this painting. I used water spray technique again to give an even transition between two colors. I know the boats havent come out good. Need to fix that!

Home work

After my first class, Jenney insisted that I use the same technique at home. I tried the same "wet-on-wet" technique at home. I saw this painting in one of the books (Robert Wade's Watercolor Workshop Handbook) I got from the library. This was an ideal candidate for a start, as I could use what I had learnt in my previous class.

I had a challenge of creating depth in this picture: I had to give an effect that the rock in the center is a bit far off and there is water in between, and there is some fog coming in. I somehow achieved it but not to perfection. I did manage to fade off the rock which gave an effect of it being at a distance and also the presence of fog. But somehow the effect of water in between is not convincing enough.

I also learnt that the paper which I have been using had very high absorption which forced me to paint fast and didn't let me play with colors. I also noticed the difference between my pigments  and Jenney's: mine looked dull and hers looked very crisp and vibrant. Something to work on!

Pulpit Rock

My learning begins

After struggling a lot with my water color skills I finally decided to join a painting class. It is a very enlightening experience, in every class I get answers for all those small queries which I had in my mind since long. My teacher is a very good instructor, she can look at my painting and tell me how I would have arrived at those flaws, and of course she demonstrates the techniques to resolve them.
In the first class I learned a simple wash technique called "wet-on-wet" to create gradation in colors. Also I learned to use a water spray to give a dramatic effect of clouds. The birds in the pic and there positioning gives a perspective of depth and distance in the painting. You may not feel all that in my painting...... after all I am just a beginner!! :)

About to rain

Monday, August 5, 2013

Upcycled paper bag

Here is a quick way to make a nice gift bag by upcycling your paper shopping bag. All you need is a gift wrap paper and a paper shopping bag. Glue the gift paper on the paper bag - in order to make this process easier we can put a same sized box in the paper bag so that we can stick the gift paper without any flaw. Keep extra paper for the top and bottom of the bag.